Abby Gross

Action Figure Flo


Action Figure Flo was first conceived as a mechanism for talking to Progressive's Commercial Lines customers. We turned Flo into a real small business hero. Not only did the print use action figure packaging to convey her messages, but we also created a real action figure available as a giveaway at trade shows. Action Figure Flo was seen across all Progressive platforms including direct mail, social, print, television and digital media. 

Action Figure Flo: Print

The Action Figures

We created two of the most popular designs, landscaper and trucker, into physical action figures. Each Flo doll came complete with a limited edition action figure stand and the accessories she'd need for her trade. 

Social Posts

Used the actual actions figures in office environments to stage and photograph fun social posts for the Progressive Commercial Lines Facebook page. 

Small Space Print Ads

We did a serious of "small space" print ads that utilized the out-of-the-box action figure popping up in various locations for certain trade publications. 

Mid-Atlantic Trucking SHOW 

We made a variety of print pieces for distribution before and during the Mid–Atlantic Truck Show. We also publicized a competition in which trucking participants could print out their own paper Action Flo and photograph her (a la Flat Stanley) along their journeys to win prizes from Progressive.