Abby Gross
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The Progressive Squad

The Progressive Squad

After years of using Flo as the face of “Superstore” campaign, we knew it was time to expand the character network and the parameters of the “Superstore” campus to keep things fresh and familiar. Thus, the “Progressive squad” was born and the Superstore stretched far beyond the original white backdrop.

We developed a series of reoccurring characters that have become brand icons in their own right, each with their own unique backstories, banter, and bad bundle jokes. Same goes for where the hilarity unfolds – be it a break area or a tool room, Progressive’s courtyard, or even Jamie’s surprise mansion.

“Step Jamie” :30

Progressive home owners insurance can fit into any family. Just be careful not to overstep.

“Jamie’s 40th” :30

A true man of mystery, we realize there’s much more to everyone’s favorite bumbling buffoon than meets the eye.

“A capPella” :30

Sure, the Name Your Price Tool gives people control over their insurance payments. But now it also… weirdly helps a select few Superstore employees become insanely talented singers. Ah, the magic of insurance.

“A CaPpella” :60

For a special placement during the 2018 finale of The Voice, we created this spot based on Belinda Carlisle's classic hit ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’. Needless to say, no Progressive employees later accepted a first-place golden microphone from Blake Shelton… or however they do it on that show.

“Control” – OLV

“Flat” :10 – OLV

“Tool Room” :30

In this spot, we meet Rodney, the newest member of the squad and the keeper of the sacred Name Your Price Tools. And Rodney meets Jamie. Again.

“Jamie’s Twin” :30

Progressive employees are great at comparing prices for their customers. Aaaand that’s pretty much the only comparisons Jamie’s good at making. That, or the guy’s got excellent self-esteem.


Sara Cummings (Jamie’s 40th, Step Jamie)
Patrick Frankline (Jamie’s Twin, Tool Room, A Capella)